Why so serious?: Joker from “The Dark Knight.”

Excellent question: Is being serious the best response to issues?

Jesse Wright


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There are many severe issues in the world today. Take your pick. Is being serious the best response to those issues? For both changing the issues and your health and outlook? I think not.

Your mental balance

Fretting about issues can decrease your mental health. Don’t focus on your own life or what you can do right now. You can waste your time trying to keep track of too many issues.

If you cannot change the situation, ignore it. Contribute if you can. You cannot contribute to every issue, so pick your topic and work on it. Do what you can. Vote.

I give a little money (on fixed income) and write articles.

My issue is freedom of speech, specifically, book censorship or removal of books from libraries. So I follow the news and give money to libraries in trouble. Libraries were, and are, an essential part of my life.

Some dedicated people are working full time on every issue to address the problem. If you want to make that your life, you can join them. However, I assume you are like most of us and have a life outside a cause.

More importantly, find ways in your current life to work on the issue, not to the exclusion of everything else but as a part of the whole. Pick only one problem for your focus. Keep informed. Let people know of your response to the issue. Look for ways to distribute good news.

Read and watch about your issue. Look at multiple viewpoints. Remember, people always think they are doing the right thing and the rational response to the situation. There are evil actions and people, but they are not the majority. You should assume that people in opposition to you are good people — just misguided.

Is the world getting worse?

Not really when you look at the whole planet. Take the long view of decades, and you will see tremendous progress.

In most ways, the world is getting better and better every year and getting better faster. But, unfortunately, that is not dramatic, so you don’t hear it on the news.



Jesse Wright

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